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Here Bloggy, Bloggy, Bloggy…

by Jason Sanders blog

I first met Stephanie Crane when I walked into the Poochie Palace in Merchantville NJ to talk to her about creating a video to highlight the services and experience that she delivers to her clients and their pets.  It turned out that she was actually looking to create a website for her business first.  Good […]

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Follow Up: What Makes Good Content, Measured Impact and More

by Jason Sanders Business

This video is a follow up to the radio show from 03-10-10. I get a chance to share what I think makes good online content (ran out of time for my opinion on the show). I also talk about some of the ideas that were put forward by Josh last week about my charitable social [...]

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Will Measured Impact really work well on the basis of Twitter Popularity?

by joshchandler bad ideas

On last Wednesday’s live broadcast of “Get More Business” Jason Sanders discussed his charitable initiative “Measured Impact”.
The idea in principle would be to help promote charities to those on Twitter with high follower numbers (in the Twitter Top 100) and in turn get a direct conversion to help the selected charity.
Now, this idea did spark [...]

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