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Shooting Choreography for Enchantment Theatre Company

by Jason Sanders booking agent

Last year around Christmas, a family friend asked me if I would like to bring my kids to a theatrical production of Cinderella in Philadelphia.  I wasn’t sure if my kids would be up to sitting through an entire play, they were 3 and 5 at the time, but I was assured that the production […]

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@unmarketing on TVPG Radio!

by Jason Sanders Business

On this week’s TVPG Radio show, I’m excited to announce that our guest is going to be Scott Stratten (@unmarketing on twitter)  Scott has his first book coming up and we’re excited to have him on the show and find out more about the book. Scott has been following an “unmarketing” strategy for more than […]

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How To Self Publish Your Own Book

by Jason Sanders book

I really enjoyed our Getting Published Show that aired a while back!  Our guests talked about how they self published their book, the trade offs between going the self published route compared to looking for a publisher.  Listen to the show to learn more about the process, what to expect, and how quickly you can […]

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TVPG Radio Show: Is Non-profit status right for you?

by Sheila O'Mara Al Rider

Our radio show on May 5th, featured two awesome professionals that have had extensive experience in the non-profit arena.  As you are starting up your business it is important to explore the different avenues to form your business.  Starting a non-profit certainly is not for everyone, but it is great to be equipped with the […]

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Self Selecting Clients

by Jason Sanders air

There were so many great points in our Pricing Show that aired a few weeks back.  One highlight was when Avy Punwasee from Pricing Solutions noted that our clients are self selecting.  This is something that we’re all aware of, but I had never thought of it from a Pricing perspective.  Since our clients are […]

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Price Communicates Value

by Jason Sanders air

This is yet another video to follow up on our pricing show that aired several weeks back.  There were so many great points in that show.  One that really stood out to me was when Avy Punwasee from Pricing Solutions pointed out that pricing communicates value.  If your pricing and value offering are not adjusting […]

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Use Value Based Pricing, Not Cost Based Pricing

by Jason Sanders avy

Several weeks back, Avy Punwasee from was a guest on TVPG Radio’s Get More Business Show.  Avy was a great guest and had a lot of very valuable information to share.  One of his suggestions really stood out though.  That’s why I made this video.  Listen to Avy Punwasee on The Get More Business […]

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Bus. comm: r u ok?

by Rich Bradley Business

I got into an interesting discussion with my co-host, Josh Chandler, on a recent radio show. The discussion started with another host, Jason Sanders, asked me a rather innocent question — how important is writing to a business?
As a former writer, newspaper editor and public relations specialist, nearly all of my post-college experience has dealt with the written word. [...]

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The Pricing Question: Problem or Prosperity For Your Business?

by Jason Sanders Announcement

This week’s Get More Business Show will focus on the topic of pricing.  Want to see a blank stare?  Ask a business owner how they price their product or service.  Never has there been a less understood and more crucial business component than pricing. In this changing market, are your products and/or services priced where […]

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Thinking Of Your Business As If It Were Bigger

by Jason Sanders adam horning

On this past week’s Get More Business Show, we talked a little bit about starting a business and what you need to consider to not only be successful, but to grow your business and grow it fast.  We had an excellent example in our guest Adam Horning. I won’t recount everything that he said (Feel […]

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