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Here Bloggy, Bloggy, Bloggy…

by Jason Sanders blog

I first met Stephanie Crane when I walked into the Poochie Palace in Merchantville NJ to talk to her about creating a video to highlight the services and experience that she delivers to her clients and their pets.  It turned out that she was actually looking to create a website for her business first.  Good […]

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TVPG “Get More Business” Radio Show

by Sheila O'Mara blog hosting services

  Check out this week’s radio show topic: Social Media Strategies that work. We hear a lot of hype about facebook and Twitter, but so much less about Linkedin. Do you know how to use it? Are you using it to the fullest advantage? Find out all the details on this week’s show with Christine [...]

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Online and Offline Networking: What’s Your Style?

by Jason Sanders Blogging

I’ve written on this subject some before, but I believe it deserves another touch because it represents a major shift in the mindset of consumers.  When I first started getting involved with social media, one of the most prevalent questions was, “How much should I share about my personal life?”  This question still lingers nearly […]

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Thoughts on The ReLaunch Show and The New Format

by Jason Sanders bias

I have to say I couldn’t be happier with the results of our first show (The ReLaunch Show) in the new format.  As I listened to the podcast of the program, after the show had wrapped (You too can listen to the podcast by using the player that sits above the sidebar.), I couldn’t help [...]

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The Get More Business Show is BACK! Branding! Social Media! Volunteerism!

by Jason Sanders Announcement

After a long hiatus, (Yes, I admit it’s been too long!) TVPG Radio’s Get More Business Show is now roaring back. This Wednesday, Feb 24, 2010 (for posterity) (at 11:30 AM Eastern) will be the first of many great shows utilizing the new format. I really want to thank our audience for everyone’s [...]

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Social Media Virgins – Are You Looking To Make Long Term Relationships Or Just Ho Around?

by Jason Sanders blog software

Not that many years ago we were all social media virgins.  Remember the excitement of discovering new platforms…the sexiness of acquiring a new and potentially unlimited client base from the internet…the arousal you got from imagining millions of devoted clients/customers following your every move online, just looking for an opportunity to open up their wallets [...]

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Business On Facebook – Are You Being An Honest Communicator?

by Jason Sanders blog software

I’ve been thinking about my facebook page a lot lately.  You see I have over 100 “fans” of on facebook, but I have hardly any participation on my facebook page.  I know that people read, or perhaps scan the information posted there, because many times it comes up in actual conversations with my connections.
I’m [...]

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