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by Jason Sanders on November 16, 2009

This Validation is for Mr. Jason Sanders. Thank you very much! Now Jason, yours is going to be a little bit different. And the reason for that is simple. I’m going to give you a story. And I’m going to tell you why I think that The Value Pages Group is excellent! It’s a great resource.

I went to a couple of Chamber of Commerce Meetings when I was running my business and I found them to be terribly awkward, and there wasn’t a great opportunity to get the word out about my small business.

But what you’re offering people with The Value Pages Group is something that’s really unique and it’s interesting and it’s a great networking opportunity that you really don’t get when you go to these chamber meetings! And so I think that’s a great resource for people who want to come out and really network better with like minded business owners.

Thank you very much for operating The Value Pages Group. I think it’s a tremendous resource. I don’t do endorsements often, I really don’t. If you look on my website I have three things that I endorse and that’s it. I do want to wholeheartedly give you an endorsement for The Value Pages Group and a Validation for your wonderful work and your excellent work in helping people live their dream. Thank you so much!

Brandon Mendelson: Charitable Crusader

Hi, my name is Steve Adams. I’m an independent financial planner. I’m an Independent. I sell primarily Life Insurance, Fixed Annuities, Equity Indexed Annuities, Long Term Care and Disability Insurance, primarily in the South Jersey marketplace.

Jason Sanders got me involved in The Value Pages. I thought it was a great concept. I’ve been involved in networking groups in the past. They usually involve a significant commitment of time and energy to join those groups. You have breakfast or you have lunch, and usually it takes 2 to 3 hours a week, minimum. What I like about The Value Pages is the ability to log on, online, at your convenience and get your message across to a great group of people, who are self employed, who can then pass your message on to other folks.

I’d encourage you to join The Value Pages. I don’t think there’s any chance you could find such a bargain anywhere in today’s world. Thanks a lot, and join The Value Pages!

Stephen J Adams, ChFC: Financial Security Expert

Hi, my name is Charley Hopson. I’m a retired financial executive, having spent 35 years in the insurance industry. I retired and started a company called Creative Cash Flow Solutions with the idea of purchasing mortgage notes secured by real estate, and that led me into the real estate business. I have been buying and selling home for the last few years. My strategy is to market to free and clear homes, people with a lot of equity, which gives us a lot of options. I have a website. It’s

I’m a good friend of Jason’s and decided to join The Value Pages because I think it gives me a great opportunity to network with other individuals and save time in running around. Thank you.

Charley Hopson: Real Estate Investor

Hello, I’m Peter Hackett, founder of Johnell Properties LLC,, and Global Property Group LLC. As you can tell, I offer many services, which is one of the primary reasons I’ve become a member of The Value Pages Group. My businesses keep me very busy, and I just don’t have the time to meet face to face every week in order to network my businesses.

Evolution has come to marketing. The Value Pages Group provides me the opportunity to successfully network throughout a range of business communities at any time, day or night. The Value Pages Group is my choice for lucrative networking.

Peter Hackett: Real Estate Investing Professional

Hello, I’m Michael Sanders. I’m a public speaker and a member of The Value Pages Group. As a public speaker, I deal with the subjects of life, whether we deal with them at home, in the work place, or at school. So if you’re ever looking for anyone who wants to address the subject of life head on, I’m the person. I have a unique view of life and how to deal with it.

What I want to talk to you about today though, is The Value Pages Group and what it means to you and me. Imagine the opportunity of being able to network with different people of different abilities, without leaving the comfort of your home. After all, it is casual Monday here in my part of the world. You do have this ability with The Value Pages Group. There are low membership charges, the wonderful ability to associate and to mingle with others without having to get dressed up and go somewhere just to pass out cards. So then think about what it can do for you, what it can do for me, and what we can do to help build this group up. Tell others! Work with others, and before you know it, your business is going to grow, and you’re going to prosper financially from it! It’s a good thing!

ML Sanders: Motivational Speaker

Hi, my name is Jason Sanders and I’m a Mortgage Specialist. I operate nationally in all 50 states. I do residential and commercial financing on purchases and refinances. I deal with borrowers of all types and on property sizes of all types, from small row homes in Philadelphia, $50k range, all the way up into the millions of dollars. And over the past several months in this economy, I’ve had to evaluate what my priorities are, what’s most important to me, and what’s going to help me grow my business because, in the mortgage business, it’s important that I generate more interest with less time. I have to secure a larger piece of a shrinking pie in order to keep things on an even keel, and that highlights that time is my most important asset. That’s why I’m involved with The Value Pages Group. It allows me to network with up to hundreds of other business owners, all with just minutes out of my week. It’s important and it’s really working for me! I’ve gotten 5 referrals so far in just a 2 month membership span. So, we’re just getting started. I hope that you’ll look at all the material out there and compare everything because The Value Pages Group is the best value. Price and results say that there’s nothing better than The Value Pages Group!

Give it a shot at

Jason Sanders: Mortgage Specialist

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