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by Jason Sanders on November 16, 2009

Business Networking-Why Choose Us?

We recognize that there are lots of options for business owners looking to network, expand, and grow their businesses through referrals. If you’ve been researching what is available to you…(more)

Learn About Membership

The Value Pages is an online professional networking forum, with the capacity for business to business networking and business to consumer networking depending on the membership level of the customer…(more)

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Brandon Mendelson @BJMendelson Charitable Crusader

@BJMendelson Charitable Crusader

Stephen J Adams, ChFC Financial Security Expert

Stephen J Adams, ChFC Financial Security Expert

Charley Hopson Real Estate Investor

Charley Hopson Real Estate Investor

Peter Hackett Real Estate Investing Professional

Peter Hackett Real Estate Investing Professional

Special Membership Programs

If you’re really serious about business networking and want the maximum return on investment, these Special Membership Programs might be what you’re looking for …(more)

Learn About The Group

Our approach is simple. Instead of traveling to a specific location once a week to meet with other members and exchange referrals, The Value Pages Group allows members to network without leaving their offices and at any time of the day or night…(more)

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Are You The Airport Or The Infrequent Traveler?

Jason Sanders

I ask this question as a metaphor for business networking.  I find that people often take one of two approaches to networking.
1. They enthusiastically dive right in and start helping other people and setting up their network of referral partners.
2. They timidly stand back and evaluate what everyone else is doing to see if it’s [...]