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About The Value Pages Group

by Jason Sanders on November 16, 2009


Our approach is simple.

Instead of traveling to a specific location once a week to meet with other members and exchange referrals, The Value Pages Group allows members to network without leaving their offices and at any time of the day or night that is convenient to their schedule. Members are able to prepare written commercials, announcements of new or discounted products or services and other advertisements and requests through a single post to our online forum. With the click of a button your single message is received by all the members of your chapter of The Value Pages Group, who can then respond with any follow up questions and referrals to match the content of your post. It’s incredibly easy. If you can send an email, you will have no problem operating The Value Pages Group. Imagine the dynamic ways that you can grow your business with this kind of structure! You can post information and advertisements any time day or night, instead of waiting for a weekly meeting. This is networking at the speed of your business. This is The Value Pages Group.

The Value Pages Group is a national online networking group and referral engine, but there is a definite geographical focus to the members of the group. The Value Pages Group has chapters in all 50 states. The South Jersey Chapter is the original group, but you can network and generate referrals in just minutes a day no matter where you are in the USA. We welcome and allow nearly all types of businesses, however, we only allow two members per profession, per chapter.

At The Value Pages Group, we don’t believe in meetings, but we LOVE Events! Weekly meetings have a tendency to get repetitive and boring, which is why there’s so much membership turnover in traditional business networking groups. Business owners eventually just lose interest and time for the same humdrum 15 second commercials every week. That’s why we facilitate quick and easy communication between our members. If you’ve ever been a part of a more traditional networking group, you’re going to love our more dynamic and effective brand of networking and referral building, and you’re going to love having those two hours a week back! We think that if you’re going to take time out of your busy work week that it should be time well spent. That’s why members of The Value Pages Group work hard to develop Events with great atmosphere and truly helpful content. Any member can host an Event, and we would be glad to help you get started! Is hosting Events your thing? Find out more about our Envoy Program.

Individual members are responsible for educating fellow members about their businesses through regular posts to the forum. Members are encouraged to do a weekly commercial highlighting a feature of their business and outlining what a good referral is. Members can post to the forum as often as they would like, as long as their posts are informative and business oriented. Members are encouraged to post referrals from their client base in order to grow confidence and increase referrals from other members.

Other networking groups require members to give a minimum number of referrals each week. The result is unqualified, cold referrals being passed. We are different. Since we do not require a minimum amount of referrals to be passed, nor do we charge or penalize a member for no referrals, we are able to generate solid, warm referrals between members. We do, however, require that members post at least once a week to the online forum.

The Value Pages Group is, bar none, the best value you’re going to find to expand and grow your business through networking and referrals. Don’t believe us? Just see what some of our current members are saying about The Value Pages Group. You can experience what The Value Pages group has to offer through our FREE 45 Day Trial Gold Membership. If you’re convinced that The Value Pages Group is just what you’re business needs, as so many business owners are, you can immediately Join as either a Gold or Silver Member and the 45 Day Trial Membership will be added to as an extension to your Membership Period. Either way, you’ll receive unparalleled features and dynamic ways to grow a low maintenance referral stream for your business. For more information about the different levels of membership and their benefits, click here

If you are interested in increasing your sales and growing your business, Join Us.