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Editing In Final Cut Pro

by Jason Sanders apple inc.

Making an outstanding video production requires skill in several different areas.  You have to know your way around your gear to shoot something beautifully and know how to hold the eye and capture attention.  You also have to know how to properly record audio, because the most beautiful and well thought out images immediately fall […]

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iPhone App Review: Momento – Journaling And Social Media Indexing

by Jason Sanders activities

I decided purchase the Momento App for my iPhone about a month ago in an attempt to keep a record of my progress towards my business goals, and just life in general. In fact Momento’s primary function is as a journal or diary. What sold me on the app though, was a description of it’s […]

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The Perfect Twitter App: Tweetie VS. Twitterrific VS. Twittelator

by Jason Sanders app store

Earlier this week I wrote a post asserting that the future of twitter is mobile. Using twitter on a mobile device is infinitely more valuable to a small to medium sized business owner, an entrepreneur or a solopreneur. I can make a difference in promoting my business in between everything else that I have to do […]

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The Future Of Twitter Is Mobile

by Jason Sanders apps

Because of some research I’m doing for tomorrow’s Get More Business Show on the topic of Social Media, I’ve been surprised to read recently written articles by prominent (although cremudgenly) authors desparaging Twitter and the idea of instant unrestricted communication. I don’t expect everyone to jump on the twitter bandwagon, but I honestly thought I wouldn’t […]

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