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The Value Pages Group In The News

by Jason Sanders on November 16, 2009

Press Room Information

In the press? I’m a great interview! I love to talk about blogging, technology, business networking, and marketing.

Contact Jason Sanders: Email | Phone (856) 308-2462

For examples of my guest appearances, please see the Media Page.

American Dream 7Looking for exposure? I’m looking for guests* for my Get More Business Show on BlogTalkRadio.

Episodes of the Get More Business Show air every Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. Eastern for either 45 minutes or 1 hour and feature one guest (Be prepared to talk and share). Guests benefit from a complete array of marketing strategies targeting key words and phrases that they choose in order to optimize their guest appearance for Google. This is a very effective way to end up on the front page of a Google search for terms that relate to your business. PLEASE NOTE: Results cannot be guaranteed, but for successful examples of what I’ve been able to accomplish for guests, see examples below.

Recent guests have selected to be Google Optimized under the following terms:

emotion management experts

sales expert and author

success mindset sales mentor

former lehman brothers

formerly of lehman brothers

Claudia Krusch

introverted salesman

home stager and creative marketer

web 2.0 specialist

introduce your business to the hispanic market

charitable crusader

As of September 2009 the audience for our weekly shows varies from between 150 to 500 listeners. Guests who receive the biggest bump are active in getting the word out about their appearance on the show. Shows are converted to podcasts so that anyone can listen to the content at their own convenience. The Get More Business Show is simulcast to over 40 different RSS and Podcasting Aggregators. The volume of listeners described above account only for the listeners who pick up the show through the BlogTalkRadio platform and players. Each guests can embed a html player onto their blog or website so that their audience can listen to their appearance any time they want. The Get More Business Show is also available for free through iTunes.

*In the interest of saving both my time and the time of potential guests, please be advised: Guests are required to provide value to my audience. If you only want to be on to sell a product or service, this show is not the right venue for you. Let me clarify that. I’m not against guests who have products or services to sell. I routinely have authors on the show, but if my audience won’t receive any value from your appearance unless they purchase your product or service, then you aren’t the right guest for this program. FYI, my audience consists of owners of small to medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs, and solo-preneurs.

For examples of past episodes, please see the Radio Page.